Prodew's Agricultural Cooling Systems:

  • Maintain relative humidity levels as high as 96% without wetness

  • Can be customized for all sizes - small barns to large warehouses

  • Increase dairy production and weight gain for cows

  • Produce droplets of less than 9 microns that evaporate immediately

  • Reduce heat-related livestock fatalities

  • Use nozzles with plastic tips to minimize clogging or mineral buildup

  • Increase egg production in chickens

  • Are low-maintenance

  • Maintain cleaner air

  • Reduce dust

Protecting Your Livestock

Prodew's agricultural cooling systems use revolutionary humidification technologies to keep livestock thriving in optimal climate conditions. It is important to keep cows, hogs, chickens and other livestock cool and safe from excessive heat during the warm summer months.

Multiple studies have shown the impact on dairy cattle is noticeable as soon as the temperature is near 70°F. Cows start eating less, milk production falls drastically, and the overall health of the animal worsens. These studies have shown that milk production and weight gain significantly improve with optimal body temperatures.

According to a UK study, agricultural cooling increases swine weight gain by 10-20%, which in turn increases profits.

Incorporating a Prodew system will maintain a comfortable environment, which dramatically improves animal productivity. Our industrial systems reduce temperatures by as much as 30°F and still leaves the animals and ground dry.

Agricultural Cooling

Keeping your livestock comfortable.