Prodew's Cold Storeroom Humidification Systems:

  • Maintain relative humidity levels as high as 96% without wetness

  • Can be customized for optimum humidity levels in any size room - small to large

  • Maximize product quality

  • Produce droplets of 6-8 microns

  • Use plastic tips to minimize clogging and mineral buildup

  • Produce droplets that evaporate immediately

  • Are low maintenance

Keeping Your Products Fresh

Produce and other perishable goods can deteriorate rapidly in low-humidity conditions. It is extremely important to keep your products hydrated while in cold storage. Chillers and coolers strip the air of water, drastically reducing the humidity level of the storeroom.

Prodew offers a variety of coldroom storage services, including humidification for produce, meat, seafood, deli and floral.

Our storage humidification systems will reduce product loss and labor expenses by extending the shelf life of your products and keeping them fresh and vibrant.

Cold Storeroom Humidification

Humidification for Cold Storage Rooms