Prodew's Produce Misting Systems and Equipment:

  • Save you over $7,000 annually in supermarket applications

  • Maintain your products' fresh appearance for increased sales

  • Pay for themselves in a few months

  • Improve nutritional content

  • Reduce product loss

  • Prevent dehydration

  • Eliminate the need for ice

  • Save labor costs since product doesn't need to be moved to overnight chillers

  • Extend the shelf life of your product

  • Have an eco-friendly design without PVC

  • Save shipping materials and shipping costs

  • Use efficient nozzles for water conservation

  • Are NSF listed (controls, mist track and nozzles)

  • Use quality UL & CE approved electrical components

  • Are designed and manufactured to the highest standards

  • Are versatile and fit every merchandising style and case layout

Protect Your Investment

As you know, produce appearance is vital to purchasing decisions. Because most produce contains 90% or more water, Prodew's produce misting systems will keep fruits and vegetables fresh.

Studies have shown that chlorophyll, the color retention pigment in green produce, is significantly greater in misted vegetables so your produce will look more vibrant and attractive.

But produce misting is not just a cosmetic procedure. Besides looking fresher and healthier, produce misting retains more Vitamin C. Moreover, peroxidase enzyme activity - an enzyme that is responsible for quality deterioration - significantly decreases with misting.

The Prodew team has over 30 years of experience in the design, manufacturing, and sales of retail preservation solutions for perishables.

Prodew is dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality products at the most competitive prices.

We offer everything you need for retail produce preservation including misting, night covers and water solutions.

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Prodew Produce Solutions

The following can greatly bennefit from produce misting:

Leafy Green Vegetables

Belgian Endive

Green Onions


Red Chard








Napa Spinach




Brussels Sprouts



Bok Choy

Swiss Chard

Collard Greens



Retail Produce Misting