Prodew leads the way in innovation, providing you with superior products at the lowest cost. We take pride in our line of produce preservation solutions. The retail produce market is at the heart of our business.


Meat is largely composed of water. Providing humidity for meat is the key to extending shelf life and maintaining a fresh appearance.


As soon as the product is take from the sea, it starts to lose water and freshness. Our systems help restore and maintain the water content of fresh seafood, considerably extending the shelf life and quality.


Flowers are negatively affected by dry air and ethylene gas. Prodew helps your flowers stay fresh with our misting, humidity, and ethylene control systems.


Quality deli products deserve superior humidity systems. Prodew's technologies and equipment can create a perfect environment for your quality cheeses and deli products.

Home and Garden

Prodew can take the work out of keeping your garden section fresh and watered. Our misting and humidity systems will keep all your cut flowers and potted plants comfortable.