Ethylene Control | Extend Shelf Life


By reducing ethylene levels, retailers can increase produce sales, reduce losses, and improve their supermarket's image.

Prodew's retail systems absorb ethylene, fungi spores, bacteria, and bad odors.

Firmness, color, and freshness are maintained to reduce waste and increase impulse buys.

Ethylene Sachets
Ethylene for Storage
Ethylene for Large Storage
Ethylene is a BIG Deal

Ethylene is a naturally-occurring hydrocarbon gas that acts as a ripening agent for fruits, vegetables and plants. This gas regulates fruit ripening, vegetable decay, flower opening and leaf shedding.

Ethylene gas is used in two ways: to preserve products to slow down the decay process, and to ripen produce to increase vibrancy before the product is moved to a cold storage room.

This is why Prodew has created an ethylene system designed to bring consumers the best product possible. Prodew offers a series of ethylene control products to fit all your needs.


The Prodew Advantage

Key Benefits of Prodew Ethylene Systems:

  • Keep products fresh longer and slow down the ripening process

  • Fast air exchange of every 1-2 hours
    (competitive products exchange every 1-2 days)

  • Easy cartridge replacement
    (no need to replace expensive UV lights every year)

  • Delay chlorophyll loss in green produce

  • User friendly and environmentally safe

  • Reduce post-harvest losses



Ethylene for Small Storage

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