ethylene for retail applications


Ethylene control will help extend product life while in your storage room awating display.

Prodew can help keep your vegetables, fruits and flowers bright and vibrant, longer.

Our systems can be customized for all room sizes and applications.


Our Retail Ethylene System:

  • Is the ideal ethylene solution for warehouses and storage rooms
  • Is made of zinc-coated steel and coated in epoxy heat-applied paint
  • Has easy installation and replacement of filter cartridges
  • Uses Potassium Permanganate granules to absorb ethylene
  • Is are able to filter up to 8,829 cubic feet (250 cubic meters)*
  • Is designed for forced-air circulation to replace the air at a rate of 1-2 hours for the entire space
  • Dimensions: 26.5x18x40 cm
  • Volume: 8,829 cubic feet (250 cubic meters)*
  • Consumption: 38 W/h
  • Weight: 9 kg

*depending on model

Retail Ethylene Control