Aguatronics™ to combat pathogens

Protect your customers, employees, friends, and family

Prodew's engineers have developed equipment that will sanitize your indoor environments including schools, waiting rooms, airports, hotels, athletic facilities, public restrooms, offices, ambulances, cruise ships, public transportation, and airplanes. Our surface and air sanitization systems will ensure you annihilate airborne viruses and bacteria.

High Volume Sanitization Micro-Fogging System

Aguatronics™ smart humidity system efficiently and evenly distributes fine fog as small as 6-10 microns to sanitize efficiently and effectively. The system’s fully-customizable design allows the user to release a disinfectant of choice into the environment without wetting surfaces.

This fine fog easily settles on or can be absorbed by different surfaces situated in the environment. The fog will get into areas that conventional disinfecting system cannot. This ensures a 100% effective and efficient sanitization approach.

Aguatronics™ can be used to protect against surface and airborne viral, bacterial, and mold contamination. The system uses a patented micro-fog nozzle, which humidifies the entire room with any disinfectant. This automated system distributes a fine disinfecting fog that completely covers the indoor environment and settles on all surfaces and hard-to-reach areas without residues. It's designed to deliver a variety of disinfecting agents that have been approved to be used as a fog, including peracetic acid (PAA), hydrogen peroxide, and chlorine dioxide. Aguatronics™ helps reduce human error and minimize user exposure to sanitizing chemicals and pathogens, while also saving time, money, and labor.

The Aguatronics™ system can also be used to sanitize shopping carts. The system completely sanitizes all surfaces of shopping carts with a disinfecting microbial fog that surrounds the carts. The micro-fog droplets ensure that carts and floors stay dry, eliminating the concern for slipping. Additionally, the fog creates a visual appeal for customers, providing reassurance of a sanitary shopping environment.


Aguatronics for shopping cartsshopping carts

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Aguatronics for shopping cartsshopping carts