ClensAir™ Air Sanitation Systemm


Importance of sanitizing indoor air

Microorganisms, VOCs, ethylene, molds, and other pathogens, invisible to the naked eye, jump from host to host through the surrounding air. They attach themselves to airborne pollutants such as dust, pollen and smoke causing them to settle on surfaces and on top of other organisms. Over time these pathogens can destroy or weaken the host. Aguair’s ClensAir™ neutralizes these threats by eliminating them from the source in the air and on surfaces.


ClensAir™ Air Sanitization System

Next Generation Air Purifier (optional) utilizes the latest UV and photocatalytic disinfecting technology combined with advanced media filtration to provide 99.98% pure air. It uses a patented 6-layer purification process to ensure microorganisms, VOCs, ethylene, airborne mold, and pathogens are eliminated.

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ClensAir™ can help eliminate pathogens from the air ClensAir™ for pathogens

ClensAir™ Air Sanitation System


Fully Customizable

Our ClensAir™ systems can be customized for all applications, from small storage rooms to industrial warehouses. The units can be modified for your specific need. Let our team of designers and engineers know how we can help.



ClensAir™ has been shown to deactivate 99.90% of MS2 bacteriophage (a common viral simulant for mammalian viruses such as influenza and norovirus), 99.97% of Staphylococcus epidermidis (a gam positive bacteria and simulant associated with nosocomial infections and MRSA), 99.51% of Bacillus atrophaeus (a spore form of bacteria and simulant associated with Bacillus anthracis), and 99.68% of Penicillium digitatum (a common environmental and food-borne fungi).

The Clensair™ Advantage
  • Effective – Destroys mold and pathogens from the air. Removes ethylene gas and odors.

  • Environmentally Safe – Safe alternative to harmful sanitizing agents. No ozone or toxic by-products released.

  • Innovative – Engineered to provide max flow output

  • Safe – Safe alternative for toxic pesticides - No Ozone

  • Fast – Disinfects 250,000 cubic feet per day

  • Economical - Competitively priced and requires very little power to operate

  • Easy – Simple installation and maintenance

  • Reliable – High quality components for continuous operation

  • Durable – Powder coated galvanized steel

  • Low Maintenance – Annual lamp replacement and periodic particulate filter replacement is the only maintenance required

  • ClensAir
ClensAir™ is safe and effective



System Applications

The Clensair™  air sanitization systems can be applied to a wide variety of applications.
Below are some examples and common uses for the system.

Cold Rooms


Waiting Rooms






Green Houses




System Specifications



Unit Capacity

167 cubic feet per minute








2.0 amps


110V or 220V


250,000 cubic feet per day