Retail Departments

The retail grocery industry is the primary forcus of our business. Prodew will work with your company to design a custom system that is a perfect fit for your application. Let Prodew be the source for all your perishable preservation needs.


Store your perishables with Prodew.
Your products and your wallet will thank you. We offer products for ripening rooms, cold storerooms, wine storage, and other perishables goods storage.


Perishables need protection on the last leg of their journey. Don't forget about ethylene and the dry air in transportation vehicles. Prodew has products designed specifically for your needs.


Prodew is the source for agricultural misting and humidification. We offer systems for retail and lite commercial applications, propagation, and agricultural cooling.


Humidity and water purification are key elements in the cooling and efficiency of turbines and clean rooms. Our humidity systems have ultra-fine fog particles that are perfect for these applications.