When you invest in Prodew misting systems, you can feel confident that your perishables will not only look more appealing to the customers, but will also retain their nutrition and stay fresh longer.

We manufacture custom systems for all applications and case styles.

Misting is Our Life

Over the years, the misting industry has seen some big changes, and our engineers have been in the business every step of the way. The Prodew team has over 30 years of experience in the design, manufacturing and sales of retail preservation solutions for perishables.

Comprehensive product knowledge and hard work keep Prodew at the forefront of innovation, allowing us to provide the most advanced, high-quality and efficient systems on the market at the most competitive prices.

More than Just Water

Misting and humidification are essential to keeping your perishable goods fresh and crisp. Attractive produce is vital to customers' purchasing decisions.

Because most produce is composed of at least 90% water, produce misting systems will keep fruits and vegetables hydrated. Studies have shown that chlorophyll, the color retention pigment in green produce, is significantly greater in misted vegetables.

But produce misting is not just a cosmetic procedure. Besides looking fresher and healthier, misted produce retains more Vitamin C than non-misted produce. Peroxidase enzyme activity - an enzyme that is responsible for quality deterioration - significantly decreases with misting.

Produce misting will also reduce your overhead expenses by decreasing labor costs - your staff won't need to hand-water, and they won't need to relocate produce to storage rooms at night!

Retail Misting