Prodew's Floral Display Humidification Systems:

  • Maintain relative humidity levels as high as 96% without wetness

  • Are perfect for all display sizes - small to large

  • Can be customized for your specific needs

  • Maximize product quality

  • Produce droplets of 6-8 microns

  • Include stainless steel nozzles with plastic tips to minimize clogging and mineral buildup

  • Produce humidity that evaporates immediately into the air

  • Are low maintenance

Keeping Your Plants Vibrant

Relative humidity is considered by some to be as, if not more, important than temperature for maintaining cut flower integrity.

A high relative humidity level helps flowers maintain moisture, resulting in a fresher appearance and longer vase life. Low humidity coolers dehydrate flowers, accelerate the natural aging process and reduce flower life.

Our humidification systems will help maintain optimum environmental conditions for cut flowers.

Whether you have a cool or room-temperature floral display, Prodew will be able to help you with all your humidification needs.

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