Prodew's Misting and Humidification Systems:

  • Can be customized for small and large garden areas

  • Maximize product quality and hydrate the product

  • Are eco-friendly and designed without PVC

  • Save shipping materials and shipping costs

  • Incorporate efficient nozzles for water conservation

  • Are NSF listed (controls, mist track and nozzles)

  • Are manufactured with quality UL & CE approved electrical components

  • Are designed and manufactured to the highest standards

  • Are versatile and fit every merchandising style and case layout

Keeping Your Plants Vibrant

Our misting and humidification systems will maintain ideal growing conditions. Settings can be customized for potted plants, cut flowers or any other items in your garden department.

Prodew's latest floral display technology will help you achieve proper humidity levels all year.

Whether you have a cool or room-temperature floral display, Prodew will be able to help you with all your misting and humidification needs. Because coolers dehydrate flowers and shorten their lifespan, proper moisture levels are essential to maintain the health of your plants.

Floral Display Options

Our floral display solutions include two different options: Misting and Humidification.

Misting systems produce visible mist and are perfect for potted plants and outdoor displays.

Humidification systems produce tiny droplets, which evaporate into the air and are ideal for closed glass cases, floral storage or nurseries.

Retail Garden Misting

Outdoor Garden Misting