Prodew's Meat Display Humidification Systems:

  • Maintain relative humidity levels as high as 96% without wetness

  • Can be customized to your specific needs

  • Maximize product quality

  • Produce droplets of 6-8 microns

  • Include stainless steel nozzles with plastic tips to minimize clogging and mineral buildup

  • Evaporate immediately into the air

  • Are low maintenance

Keeping Your Meat Fresh

Are you wondering why your meat and poultry have a brown tint and look dry? It's because refrigeration causes meat to lose color, appearance and - most importantly - weight.

By the time meat reaches the end retailer, it loses up to 3% of its weight due to moisture loss, which can have major implications on the profitability of the shop.

Prodew humidification systems maintain quality, enhance appearance, reduce dehydration and extend shelf life of your product.

Our humidification systems are ideal for meat display cases, meat prep rooms and storage.

A Prodew customer has reported that our systems have extended the shelf life of their products by 1.5-2 days!

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