Prodew's Systems and Equipment:

  • Maintain relative humidity levels as high as 96% without wetness

  • Are customized to your specifications - small storerooms to large warehouses

  • Produce a unique dry fog that evaporates immediately into the air

  • Incorporate nozzles that produce droplets of less than 9 microns

  • Use sophisticated sensors to measure relative humidity up to 98%

  • Include stainless steel nozzles with plastic tips to minimize clogging and mineral buildup

Keeping Your Products Fresh

Storage misting and humidification extends the shelf life of a wide range of products, including meats, cheeses, tobacco and cigars, and more.

The Prodew team can find a solution regardless of what your particular needs may be.

Our systems are fully customizable for any application.

Let us know how we can help.

Cigar Storage Humidification

Cigar Storage Humidification