Prodew's Misting and Humidification Systems:

  • Maintain relative humidity levels as high as 96%

  • Include customized systems for small and large rooms

  • Maximize product quality and hydrate the product

  • Use nozzles with plastic tips to minimize clogging and mineral buildup

  • Are low maintenance

Keeping Your Plants Vibrant

Prodew's misting and humidification systems will keep your potted plants and flowers looking lively and vibrant. Our latest floral display technology will help you maintain the proper humidity levels year-round.

Attractive, healthy plants will increase impulse purchases among your customers, and will also increase the attractiveness of your store.

Because coolers dehydrate flowers and shorten their lifespan, humidity is essential to health of plants.

Whether you have a refrigerated or room temperature floral display, Prodew will help with all your floral preservation needs.

Superior Misting and Humidity

Our floral display solutions include two different options: Misting and Humidification.

Misting Systems produce visible mist and is perfect for potted plants and outdoor displays.

Humidification Systems produce tiny droplets, which evaporate into the air and are ideal for closed glass cases.

Retail and Lite Commercial Misting and Humidification

Retail and Lite Commercial Misting & Humidification