Prodew's Ripening Room Systems:

  • Extend the shelf life of your seafood

  • Have an eco-friendly design without PVC

  • Save shipping materials and shipping costs

  • Use efficient nozzles for water conservation

  • Are NSF listed (controls, mist track and nozzles)

  • Use quality UL & CE approved electrical components

  • Are designed and manufactured to the highest standards

  • Are versatile and fit every storage room

Maintaining Ideal Ripening Conditions

Prodew can help with all your ripening needs. We will help prepare your green fruits for sale, prevent fruit from drying & bruising and slow down the ripening process. Our systems include humidification, ethylene control and water quality systems.

We will help keep your fruit fresh and crisp longer and increase shelf life. Every system we design maximizes energy efficiency and is customized to meet your specific ripening needs.

Ripening Room
Humidification & Ethylene Control

Ripening Rooms