FogMist™ - Revolutionary Humidity Technology

Prodew FogMist™ Humidification Systems produce a visually pleasing fog in produce, meat, seafood, cheese, deli and floral displays while maintaining vital humidity levels to extend product shelf life.


Our FogMist™ Humidity System:

  • Sprays fine, fog-like mist to maintain humidity and periodically create a dense cloud in the case

  • Will fit into any display case

  • Uses quiet compressors

  • Is easy to install and maintain

  • Is customizable with adjustable fog time control - control is mounted separately from other system components for easy accessibility

  • Is 100% efficient - water consumption is a small fraction of what traditional systems use

  • Has components that are easily hidden under or over display cases

  • Does not produce excessive moisture in the case or wet the shoppers

  • Uses a nozzle designed to be mounted above the pan to avoid freezing

  • Includes attractive, durable black plastic nozzles with plastic tips to minimize clogging and mineral buildup

Premium Controls: NSF, UL and CE Approved

Air Compressor

Double-Headed Air Compressor

19 x 10 x 13 in
20 lbs
up to 8 nozzles (16 tips)

Air Compressor

Single-Headed Air Compressor

15 x 8 x 12 in
16 lbs
up to 2 nozzles (4 tips)

Solenoid Box

Solenoid Box

8 x 10 x 6 in
3 lbs

Timer Box

Timer Box

10 x 4 x 5 in
5 lbs

System Specifications

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Electric Water Inlet Water Filter Air Filter Water Pressure Solenoid Valve Drain Tubing
110V or 220V 50/60 HZ
(4 plug outlet required - 20 AMPS)
1/2" NPT
(1/2 inch FNPT ball valve required)
5 Micron encapsulated sediment filter 5 micron air filter A dedicated water supply line with a minimum of 30 PSI required 3/8" FNPT normally closed valve 1/4" drain tube (floor drain pipe) Linear
low-density polyethylene

Nozzle Specifications

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Flow Rate Droplet Size Min. Air Pressure Min. Water Pressure Material Connect Nozzle Dimensions Weight
1/8 GPH per nozzle 6-8 micron 30 PSI 30 PSI plastic housing; plastic nozzles 5/32" quick connect (water) and 1/4" quick connect (air) 4 x 4 x 1.25 in 1 lb

Add-On Options

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis



Ethylene Tubing

Ethylene Tubing